Band Members

Rich Johnson, Founder: Lead vocals, harmony vocals, rhythm and lead electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass. Influences: "I didn't start playing guitar till I was 21 years of age and living in the mid-west, Emporia KS. to be exact, so I do have a country "twang" to my style. Gary Richrath of REO Speedwagon said it best when he said rock guitar is just country licks sped up. My musical influences stem from the early British Invasion and of course include the Beatles, Dave Clark Five, Rod Stewart & the Faces, Paul McCartney along with Moody Blues, ELP and others. I was always a huge Beatles fanatic and collector and was a Beatles over the Stones fan for a long time, but  my appreciation for the Stones and what they were then and now grew as I aged. My American influences included Beach Boys and their harmonies, CCR, Seager, REO, Jackson Browne, Eagles, the Band and Kansas with my country influences being early Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, Hank Williams and Waylon Jennings. Turn Off's: Loud playing, never ending lead solos and guitar players that don't know how to play or hold a good rhythm. Best Memory: Saving up for my first stereo (69') and playing Sgt. Pepper over and over and over again and hearing the separation. Hearing the crowd roar when I hit the hard and high notes in "Night Moves" at an outdoor festival in Kansas back in 1976 and hosting Rick Derringer in my home (93') playing my Les Paul and then being back stage with Rick and playing his guitar. Favorite Albums: Beatles "White," Sgt. Pepper, Revolver, The Faces "A Nod is As Good As A Wink" (73'), Ten Years After, Eagles "On the Border" & Sticky Fingers.

South Carolina Band
In our stable of musicians for the southern version of the Rich Johnson Band are the following;

Scott Proseus Lead Guitar-Vocals: Although being born in New Rochelle, N.Y. Scott grew up in Southern California. First picking up the guitar at age 11 it was an addiction and passion for music from that point forward! Early influences include; Allman Brothers, where Scott was introduced to slide guitar and instantly fell in love with it. Jeff Beck, Queen’s Brian May, where the  use of studio tracking, guitar harmonies, and overall sound opened up a whole new world for Scott on guitar. David Bowie, the early days with Mick Ronson and of course Boston’s Tom Scholz’ multi tracking creating lush guitar and vocal harmonies. With extensive national touring, Scott has the experience and presence of a seasoned pro and has played CBGB's in N.Y.C. the Whiskey A Go-Go in Hollywood and most venues in between! Sharing the stage with many national touring acts such as Asia, Steppenwolf, and Cheap Trick, Scott is also a songwriter and recording artist, Scott is well known for his original work in Falcon Mohawk and Scapegoat. Scott is a founding member of Caliber (and more recently) Joyride, both very successful Corporate/Casino bands out of Southern California. Favorite albums include Jeff Beck’s “Blow By Blow” & “Wired” along with Deep Purple.

Chip Harrelson / Bass Guitar & Vocals: Chip started teaching himself music around age 15, first learning guitar but he had a true calling for bass guitar. Chip is proficient in guitar, bass and even drums Chip Harrelson-Bass - Vocalsall bring self-taught. With over 20 years touring on the road and recording with a vast diversity of bands, Harrelson has opened for acts like LA Guns, Confederate Railroad, John Anderson, Chris Young and Tracy Lawrence just to name a few. He spent many years playing bass & recording with regional acts like the Josh Brannon Band. Chip has wide influences of music from the old masters like the Wrecking Crew to Sir Paul McCartney & the Beatles, James Brown, Les Claypool, Matt Freeman and the Funk Brothers. This all comes through in the many various styles Chip is adept in and plays fluently. 

Scott Ashley-Guitar & Vocals: Scott's career began at age 14 with his brother. After his brothers band, Scott signed with Capitol Talent Enterprises managed by Charlie Daniels and played throughout the Washington DC area. After graduation Scott played in The Sierras in Augusta, GA, then moved onto the Fury’s who were signed to Burdette Records in Seattle, Washington. While in Seattle, Scott worked at Seattle West Recording Corp as a guitarist, singer and writer. After the breakup of the Fury’s Scott moved to Myrtle Beach SC.  An original member of The Sharks they played in the Carolinas, Puerto Rico and St Thomas.  Moving to Nashville, Scott joined The Kadillacs, a 12 piece show band and toured across the country. Scott now resides in Myrtle Beach and continues to perform with the Rich Johnson Band.    


NY Band
Jim Moran / Lead Guitar-Vocals: Jim Moran is a local musician from Long Island with a loyal and large fan base having been a master of the blues and rock for decades. Jim has performed with some of the most noted musicians in the biz like Al Jardine, Billy Hinchse, Maxine Brown, Stanley Jordan, Phobe Snow, Antonia Bennet, Liberty Devito, Richie Cannata, Tommy Burns, Jimmy Vivino, Sam Taylor, John O. Riley, Joe Lynn Turner, Danny Miranda from Queen, Little Buster, Roxy Perry, and countless others. Jim can play guitar, bass, drums and keys and is a very experienced teacher as well, making a living by teaching young and old alike the passion of music, but he is most noted for his incredible guitar work and The Fishing Line band is proud to have Jim as part of our entourage of musicians. Jim Moran's influences include Wes Montgomery, Jimi Hendrix, Freddie King, Jeff Beck, BB King, Albert King, Allman Brothers, Beatles, Steely Dan, Traffic, Stevie Wonder, and anything funky which is why he fits so well in with RJB.

Peter Puleo / Bass Guitar: As a bassist, keyboardist, and recording engineer,  Peter has had the privilege of working with some top people in the music industry. Back in the 80’s his band was signed Columbia Records. He has lent his talents as a bassist, keyboardist, and recording engineer to recordings by James Brown, Salt-N-Pepa, Willie Colon, Kid ’n Play, and many more, including playing and engineering on tracks that became gold records. He has also done engineering for movies, television shows and commercials, and has no problem whatsoever with having had to do voiceover work with a supermodel. Pete is interested in all genres of music, and likes the challenge of learning new tunes on the spot. He also enjoys building guitars.  


Rick Shutter / Drums & Percussion: Rick is one of the leading percussionists in the business today with two (2) Gold Records under his belt for being the original drummer on Godspell. Rick has been playing most of this life. Having toured and played with many regionally known named bands, Rick makes his main living with a highly successful DJ business. Rick can play anything and everything from country swing to heavy metal is called for, Rick has to be one of the most versatile and well rounded drummers in the business playing and sitting in for "on-call" duty with some of the biggest acts on the Island and the region. Don't let his smaller stature fool you...Rick can pound with the best of them, but is well rounded experience allows him to do what is needed for whatever song or crowd request comes his way.

Bob Heller / Lead Guitar-Vocals:  Lead and rhythm guitar, vocals and back ground vocals. Bob started guitar around 12 years of age and was playing jazz before rock & roll. He was introduced to the music of Charlie Parker, George Benson, Pat Martino, and Wes Montgomery at the age of 13, and dove into it head first, studying first with Peter Rogine, and later with Joe Monk. He was fortunate to have two younger brothers, Bill who plays keyboards, and Barry, who plays bass, so at a young age they would entertain family and do an occasional gig starting at the age of 14. Over the years Bob has played with several bands including The Mudmen, a well known Motown/R&B band on Long Island and Steppin' Out, The Next Faze both of which being top notch entertainment  bands "I'm looking forward to playing some good rock n' roll with Rich and having some fun!"

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