The Rich Johnson Band offers services and configurations to fit any establishment, indoors or outdoors, for any need they made have now and we've been doing it for decades be it in NY or in SC. 

Band Services
The Rich Johnson Band consists of four pieces adding percussion/drums and can add a fifth element such as a horn player or keyboardist as needed to fit a wedding, backyard party, or any BBQ or block party as well.  

Each band member no matter the configuration is a professional, dressing to the occasion as need be, is polite and courteous to our hosts, their staff and patrons. We do not drink or smoke on stage, and we always watch our volume levels and I can’t remember then last time someone told us we had to turn down.

Duos & Trios
The Rich Johnson Duo covers many of the same material the band does, only brings it down a notch and ads more acoustic flavored material. The Rich Johnson trio has no drums but is more catered to a Crosby, Stills & Nash trio mix with acoustic guitars and a bass or an acoustic, a bass and an electric. No matter which you choose we never play too loud and both your bartenders and wait staff can take and disperse orders and converse with the patrons without screaming or yelling. 


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Cell: 516-435-8382
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